Sunday, January 26, 2014

Audrey Reviews The Nut Job (Guest Post)

My 8 year old step daughter Audrey went and saw The Nut Job with her mom last weekend. She was super excited about all the swag bags we got. Make sure you enter the GIVEAWAY so you can grab one for yourself and your kids too!

I told her I wanted her to write a review for the blog, and so she's going to sit and tell me about it, and I'm going to type it up for her, interview style... she's very excited to be a "guest blogger". She's so dang cute!

MLW: So I heard you went and saw The Nut Job last weekend?

Audrey: MmmHmm...

MLW:...Did you like it?

Audrey: Yeah.

MLW: Why don't you tell me about the movie?

Audrey: There's this squirrel and it meets this dog, and there is a whistle that controls the dog and the dog makes the squirrel his master....

MLW: The dog makes the squirrel his master?

Audrey:... yeah... and they have to find nuts cuz the animals in the tree are running out of food for the Winter.

MLW: What else?

Audrey: But the squirrel is selfish and he tries to do half and half and he finds a nut store and only gives half of the nuts to the animals in the tree and keeps the other half for himself.

MLW: Why does he do that?

Audrey: So he can survive for the Winter.

MLW: What do you think the moral of the story of the movie is?

Audrey: To not be selfish and be a hero.

MLW: Like help your friends?

Audrey: Yeah!

MLW: Do you think other kids would like this movie?

Audrey: Yeah! The movie theater had like, only 1 seat left. We went on the weekend and it was packed!

MLW: Was it funny?

Audrey: Yeah it was super funny... I'm serious, it was.

MLW: Is there anything else you wanna say about the movie? Maybe a quick sentence?

Audrey: It's about a selfish squirrel that's trying to get nuts for himself and he ends up being a good guy and learning how to share the nuts with everyone.

So there you have it folks! A movie review from an 8 year old, heavily edited to not reveal MAJOR plot spoilers... haha

Go check out The Nut Job, in theaters now!

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