Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday: Cheap Valentine's Day Decor on the fly!

So, I have decided that I need to really really get with it when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Even the minor ones.

For Christmas, our house transforms into a winter wonderland of festive awesomeness. In short, it looks like the holiday barfed all over our living room. I've got probably 10 boxes of decorations just for Christmas alone.

Halloween, I have about 3, and one consists of costume parts and accessories.

Easter I've got a box or 2 with eggs, most missing their soul mate counterparts, and a few baskets we've collected over the years.

Valentine's day I've got a garland from last year.

4th of July I make red white and blue Jello shots...

Saint Patrick's day can suck it, I guess...

Like it said, I need to get with it.

So a few weeks ago, the kids and I were at Target, going through the Dollar Bin (don't you just LOVE the dollar bin? The dollar stores are pretty fantastic as well...) and I found these adorable little wooden signs that were painted pink and sprinkled with glitter. I though "I can do better than that!" so I grabbed them up, took them home and gave them the ol' Mommy Like Whoa treatment.

All I needed was some glue and glitter, which I already had, so I was only in this craft $2 so far...I recommend the Martha Stewart glitter from her craft line. It's ultra fine and comes in fantastic colors and with a coupon at Joann's or Micheal's it's super affordable!

I carefully painted the glue on the spots I wanted to enhance, sprinkled with glitter... (make sure you use some paper underneath to catch unused glitter so you can put it back) and let it dry.


How STINKING cute are these?! And for $1 each (more for supplies if you didn't have them, but it's good to have them, so just get them!)

Now my books and DVD's are festive! Huzzah! Don't judge our ridiculous taste in movies! At least I dusted! Ha!

So sweet and totally perfect for Valentine's day!

Check your Dollar bins and stores for things like this, because adding glitter to stuff makes it fantastic and it makes it your own. Not to mention much cuter! Where are you favorite spots to buy holiday decor? Do you add to them? Or let them be? Post your comments or questions below!

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